Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Beach time!

 Pool time!

We're enjoying the days of summer, enjoying Nathaniel and enjoying all the events planned this summer.  I've tried to plan the camps, Vacation Bible School and other activities so that we have at least a week's break between each.  That allows us an opportunity to have the necessary free time.  We are doing school "light" during the summer.  We strive for 20 minutes (minimum) each of math, reading and Latin each day.  I'm already excited for the new school year.  I'm making some changes to our homeschool schedule and curriculum.  This will be our 3rd year and I feel that we're honing in on our priorities for our children's education.  I enjoy planning the year with Jim and including him in our scholastic goals for our children.  I'll get into more detail later in the summer, but we will be concentrating on math, reading (a lot), cursive writing, Latin and character traits; all this with God central and foremost in our daily activities. 

I recently read an article by Martin Cochran (editor of The Classical Teacher) in which he stated the following, "We live in a culture in which educational starvation has become epidemic.  Students who are functionally, culturally, and morally illiterate are graduating from our schools.  But some of us have saved up the seeds of the old education and are replanting them again so that, as more and more people realize that the educational crop has failed, they will have some place to go."  (emphasis mine)  Why do I homeschool?  Mr. Cochran could not have stated my reasons better.  What worked so well for over two thousand years has been replaced with the latest experimental ideas of the 20th century, and guess what... it's not working.  But enough of that for now.  I'm going back to enjoying the lazy days...