Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Month

Wow!  Here it is September 1st!  I can't believe it!  August was a whirlwind.  I can only remember what happened by looking at the pictures on my phone!  : )

So, here's the recap...
Went to the nearby water park a couple times.

It's not really that cold!
Isabel entertained us with her fork trick while at The Cheesec*ke Factory.  We had a follow up appt at Children's Hospital in LA for Isabel.  While we were down there, we had to go to The Americ*n Girl Doll Store and The Cheesec*ke Factory, of course!

Went to our county fair.
Looks like fun, girls!

He had a fit when the ride was over!

So I bribed him with popcorn and cotton candy!

I went on this virtual ride too.  Made me queasy!  
Enjoyed lots and lots of popsicles in the back yard.
The fact that she can hold a heavy popsicle like that in her hand is a huge development!

Dan's first day of preschool.  He attends our local preschool 3 mornings a week and LOVES it!

And our latest development is that we are bringing our sweet horse back from my mom's house.  Actually my mom and sister are bringing her after church today.  Since having Dan 4 years ago, we realized that we just couldn't make it over to the ranch often enough to see her and take care of her properly.  So, she's been lovingly taken care of at my mom's.  She's 2 hours away so we haven't been able to see Sunny very often.  My children are HORSE CRAZY, especially the girls.  Now that life has settled down a bit and the children are older, we knew that they could help and would love the opportunity.  So, below is a picture of the first "horse club" meeting.  Will is leading, of course!!

So excited!!
Well, I guess I'd say the other big news is that my husband has decided to go to Africa on a medical missions trip with our pediatrician next month.  Our doctor started a medical missions organization a few years ago and leads trips twice a year.  Jim was planning on going in the spring, but it was too close to Isabel's first surgery.  It is actually working out much better financially for him to go on this trip.  Love when God works out the details.  It's ALWAYS so much better then we planned! : )  So proud of my husband to taking on this challenge.  Can't wait to hear how God reveals Himself on this journey!

September brings the start of our local homeschool co-op school year.  We started school last month at home, but the co-op classes don't start until the 13th.  The girls are looking forward to the fun and interesting classes and making new friends.  I found myself as the preschool coordinator, so I've been a bit busy lately planning and organizing!  

I look forward to anticipation what this fall brings.  My favorite time of year!  Special birthdays, anniversary, holidays, the chill in the air (well, whatever we can get in S. California!).

In the midst of it all, our family strives to stay in God's will for our lives, to go where He leads, to serve where and how He asks and to love big in this world... for this world truly needs more demonstrations of God's great love!!