Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Next Book Purchase

If you're not familiar with Amazima Ministries, please click on the left side bar Amazima picture to go to their website.  It's a wonderful ministry to support.  Katie Davis, who started Amazima, has a wonderful story to tell.  Her book will be out October 4th.  Can't wait to read it!  You can pre-purchase the book through 147 Million Orphans and 50% of the purchase price goes back to Amazima Ministries.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Day of Summer (Sort Of)

Tomorrow we start our first day of school.  The books have been purchased.  The schedule has been set.  Goals have been communicated to my students.  They are excited and we're celebrating with a popsicle on a beautiful summer's day.

Nate's opting out of school this year. :)

Now they're off to swim in the pool...  oh, how I love those students of mine.  Hope you're having a blessed Sabbath Day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeschool Schedule

School starts for us next Monday.  I'm always excited to start the new school year and all the wonderful things my children (and I) will learn.  This year we are concentrating on reading well and enjoying it, writing well and improving math skills.  Below is our schedule:

Bible   15 mins.
Character Training (Doorposts)   15 mins.
Cursive Writing   15 mins.
Reading and Comprehensive Guides   45 mins.
Latin    30 mins.
Math    30 mins.
History (Ancient Greeks and Holidays)   30 mins. 2 times/week
Music  (Classical Composers)   30 mins. 2 times/week

We'll have some art lessons and journal time later in the year as well as monthly field trips as a family.  Between that full school schedule and after-school classes and activities (Cub Scouts, dance class, park days, sports, etc.) I sometimes wonder if we're making our days too busy.  One of the many reasons Jim and I chose to homeschool is to simplify our lives and to learn, love and serve as a family.  I want to make sure that the busy-ness does not take away from our family time and God's calling on our lives.  Those opportunities to serve both within and outside the family are so very important.  We will make changes in order to allow for those opportunities.  Can't wait to see what the new school year brings for all of us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why We Shouldn't Trust Mainstream Media

I'm so tired of the inaccurate, biased, agenda-driven articles written by the mainstream media these days.  They are trying to rewrite history.  Thank goodness for organizations like Wallbuilders who use actual historical documents to counteract the lies. This is a perfect example.