Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have 3 boys: age 11, 3 and 1.  I don't have any brothers.  I didn't grow up with a father and I wasn't close to my uncles, so boy behavior was quite foreign to me.  When my eldest was a toddler he used to do what I viewed as the strangest things.  I honestly would ask my husband if it was normal.  : )  He would reassure me that our son was quite normal and his behavior was typical boy.  So, now when my boys do "strange" things I know it IS normal, it is the way God made them and I use that "boy energy" to encourage and equip them as future men of Christ.  And when my toddler flushes his underwear down the toilet or empties out all the toy cubbies to see how high a mountain of toys he can make, I keep it in perspective.  Gotta love those busy, inquisitive, messy boys!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Both Hands Project

Well, we did it!  Saturday was our Both Hands Project.  It was an exhausting, but fulfilling day.  We were blessed with a great team who worked hard and local businesses who supported us through donating supplies.  We are still very far from our financial goal, but we are optimistic that the provision will come.  Enjoy the video and if you feel led to donate we would be so grateful!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Quote!

"God will not remove the temptation, until we remove the occasion."
from Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices by Thomas Brooks

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Just when I think it's only been a couple days since my last post, I'll realize it's been a week!  This week has been full of Both Hands project preparation, schooling and a homeschool convention.  Friday, Jim and I were able to get away for the day to the CHEA convention.  It had been 2 years since we last attended and I was so thankful for the day.  We really wanted to stay the night and attend both days, but we are cutting back all expenses with this adoption.  That's ok... Isabel is TOTALLY worth it! : )  I was so glad to hear Voddie Bauchum speak.  Even got him to sign my book!  Dr. Bauchum speaks the mince-no-words, God-breathed, Biblical truths even when it's hard to hear.  Refreshing!  We picked up some curriculum, enjoyed our time together and got home in time to kiss our sweeties good night.  Good day and I'm feeling more energized for schooling.  This is the first year that we are year-round schooling and I am so glad we are.  I didn't feel stressed to finish our school year in June.  We are doing a lot of schooling this summer since we will most likely take 4 - 6 weeks off this fall when we travel to Ch*na and settle in with Isabel.  I am so grateful for the flexibility of homeschooling.

Ok, back to enjoying our Sabbath.  Blessings!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterday I was visiting a couple of my favorite adoption blogs and was moved to tears.  First, I read this entry and I gasped and smiled and got pretty emotional. Then, I went over to Connie's blog and read this entry and I lost it.  I really did!  I just cried because... well... it's beautiful.  This family gets it!  Both families get it. Period.  And there are so many other wonderful families that adopt domestically, internationally and foster, but sadly there are many, many more that do not.

Should EVERYONE adopt? No

Are there many more families who should? Absolutely

Why? Because there are 147 million+ orphans in this world who need the solid foundation of a loving family and because, sadly, some are truly dying.

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” 
 Mother Teresa

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paper Pregnant

I hear this all the time in the adoption world... paper pregnant.  Yup!  That's me.  Anxious, nervous, excited, overeating and sometimes irrational : ).  Waiting to get an update on our sweet Isabel is like waiting for the next doctor's appt or ultrasound to "see" the baby and make sure he/she is well.  I've also noticed the similarities with how my husband and I have handled pregnancies and this adoption.  He will be the first to admit that I've been handling pretty much everything... all the paperwork, all the communications to the agency and family/friends, fundraising, sending care packages, etc.  Just like when a woman is pregnant, she pretty much does it all... growing that wee one inside her, preparing for the arrival and updating family and friends on baby's latest measurements and movements.

So, if this is a pregnancy I'm about 5 months along. : ) 4 months still seems so far away, but having birthed 5 children of my own I know it will go by fast.  However, at the end I'm just going to be bursting and ready to see my baby girl!! : )

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Friend Harrison

In May a dear friend of ours lost his battle with cancer.  He was only 59 years old. For many years he and his wife Kim were our next-door neighbors.  We were so close that we even cut an opening in our fence and put in a gate! We shared life together.  I still find it amusing that my conservative, play-it-safe husband had such a kinship with Harrison.  Harrison was a free spirit, an amazing artist and a lover of life.  A couple years ago Kim and Harrison moved out of town and we rarely saw each other.  Life has a way of taking over without even realizing it!  In April, when we found out he had cancer we immediately went up to see them.  He was already bed-bound, but smiling and upbeat.  That's quintessential Harrison.  He never had a bad day.  We talked.  We prayed.  I was so happy to find out that Harrison had accepted Jesus into his life a couple years prior and was beginning to find the peace that comes only to those who walk with the Lord.  I believe it was most evident in his final weeks.

A couple weeks ago, Kim was interviewed by a gentleman who started the Inspired Emotion website and movement.  He was inspired by Harrison's joy-filled life, no matter the circumstances, and wanted others to hear about it too. Check out this video and be inspired!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Loss

We had to say goodbye to our beloved family cat yesterday.  Baxter was our first baby.  Before Jim and I had children we had Baxter.  He was a good cat who lived a full life.  He survived 2 moves, 5 children, dogs and chickens, but could not survive a bad heart and failing lungs.  Baxter's passing was especially hard on Will.  He loved that cat fiercely.  He shed many tears yesterday.  Me too!

As a kitten, he was a crazy cat who would hunt you down and attack you as you walked down the hallway!  As a mature cat, he was more tolerant of posing with baby dolls and little boys!

Picture taken by Anna a few months ago with my cell phone.
You were a good cat Baxter and we miss you very much!

Monday, July 2, 2012


I read this blog entry this morning and was moved to tears.  This is how we all should respond, whether  meeting the needs of those across the world or right next door.  Read, be inspired and find a way to serve others in love.