Sunday, January 29, 2012

Homeschool Days

Some days look like this.
Will trying to take his spelling test with Dan on his back.
Will's so good and understanding about it all.
Still smiling and he aced his test!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dan's New Do

I really should have taken a before picture.  His hair was getting REALLY long.  He was getting major bedhead in the morning and knots in the back.  
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering I was the one cutting his hair.
Have you ever tried cutting a 2 year old's hair?  It is not easy!  I had to bribe him with a ring pop, for which he would get AFTER the haircut and as long as he stayed still until I was done.
He complied with some help from his siblings. It certainly was a family affair!  Of course, I then had to get some pictures outside of this handsome young man... and some of my other good-looking children too. : )

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying the Course

I read this post a couple weeks ago and my heart raced a bit because I do believe that when we step out in faith we are under attack.  When we follow God and not the world, both the world and Satan tries their hardest to change our minds, tell us we're wrong, and bring about trouble.  We've only been at it 1 month and so far my husband's truck needed $900 in work, our 3 year old water heater broke and now this morning my husband called to say that the truck overheated on the way to work and needs a new water pump.  (His truck is only 5 years old!)  My heart begins to race again... we don't have the money for all these problems AND the adoption. We still don't have hot water as we wait for a replacement part (going on day 3 now!).  However, we are steadfast.  Jim and I discussed this before we started the adoption process.  We knew that we would hear negative comments, be judged and endure problems that others may just chalk up to "coincidences."  Our commitment is strong.  We are resolved.  These times only draw us closer to God and that's a good thing.  We would appreciate your prayers, though.  As many who have adopted before and have faith in the Lord will tell you, this is not an easy road and the attacks are real.... but we will stay the course with God's help.