Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still On

So, last Tuesday Jim took Izzy back down to Children's Hospital to have her left arm recast AGAIN!

What we didn't expect was a verbal lashing from the surgeon.  I understand he was concerned about the viability of her new thumbs, but he was insinuating we didn't and that we were providing poor care.

Jim handled it very well.  He explained that although he understands his concern for our daughter, he will NOT attack our character or accuse us of some sort of neglect; and we'd like an explanation for why the cast keeps coming off, not an attack.  

It makes me angry just thinking about it!  

Moving on...

Even though Izzy is already a very cautious, sedate child we have had to make some changes to our home life and schedule.  Izzy is now homebound.  She only leaves the house to go to church and even then she does not go in the nursery.  

It breaks my heart for me to say no every time she asks, "I come?" when she knows I'm going somewhere.

We are now 8 days with the new casts.  A record!  The new casts have both slipped a bit, but the left one has slipped much lower.  We are determined to keep this new set on, so Jim fashioned a harness of sorts to counteract the gravity and other forces pulling down on the casts.  She's pretty patient about wearing it as you can see in the picture below.

While the other kids were in the pool, she decided the doggie water was more her speed.
Next appointment is Tuesday the 25th.  Praying the casts stay on until then and that they will take them off for good and provide us with some splints/braces instead.

Looking forward to her wonderful OT to come back and show Izzy how to use those amazing new thumbs!

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