Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Week

This is a busy week for us:

  • Pediatrician appointment for Isabel on Monday.  LOVE this doctor!  He does medical missions to Africa twice a year (Jim's probably going with him next year!) and he is the one who reviewed Isabel's file for us when we received her referral.  He put her diagnosis in perspective for us and answered our questions.  So happy to have him finally meet her.  He referred us to an orthopedic surgeon, which I knew he would, and he ordered x-rays.
  • Dentist appointment for the older 2 kids on Tuesday.  Regular cleaning. : )
  • X-rays for Isabel yesterday.  She did really well.  I held her during the x-rays.  Had my lead apron on. ;-)
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping.  Grocery shopping, Target, Kohl's, online, you name it!  Christmas shopping and other needed odds and ends.
  • Dress rehearsal yesterday for the girls dance recital this Saturday.
  • This morning was our 1 month post-adoption visit from the social worker.  She's such a great lady.  Professional, kind and we've known each other for a few years since our boys went to preschool together.  She was so pleased to meet Isabel and see her home with us.
  • The girls have their Irish Dance recital this Saturday evening.
  • Going to visit my mom and sister this weekend so they can meet Isabel for the first time.
  • Will and Jim are going camping this weekend for Boy Scouts.
  • Hoping to get a nice picture of all 6 of my kiddos for a Christmas card and my blog header! : )
The "littles" are sleeping.  Nate and Isabel are sharing a room, which is actually going really well.  We were blessed with a hand-me-down crib and a hand-me-down highchair.  Now Nate can just reach over for his "extras"!

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  1. Love the high chair picture. I bet Isabel learns to steal Nate's food soon;) I still need your address so I can send you a Christmas card;) I cannot wait to see your Christmas card. Good luck with your busy schedule. We miss you guys!!!!

    Oh and Lindze still wants to Skype or facetime with Anna.