Friday, December 7, 2012

Milk Allergy And A Good Bed

So, we have found the source of Isabel's problems.

First, she does NOT like the Pack 'N Play. Second, she most likely has a milk allergy.  When we received Isabel, we were given a bag of formula that is specific to her part of the province.  It could not even be bought in the provincial capital.  We had about  1/4 of the bag left before we left China, but decided to leave it behind and use the Enfamil travel packs I brought for the plane ride home.  When we left China, Isabel had a "sort-of" cold and was coughing a little.  Even though Isabel slept well on the plane, she coughed... a lot.  Saturday night, when we got home, we gave her a bottle with warm cow's milk and put her in the Pack 'N Play.  She coughed and cried a lot and eventually threw up.  We figured it was from the cold.  The second night we gave her a warm milk bottle again.  She was coughing and irritable and ended up sleeping on our bed.  The third night, same milk bottle, she barely cried and threw up.  Ok... it's more then the cold.  Jim wondered if she had a milk allergy, which is actually a symptom of her suspected syndrome.  Also, we realized that she just does not like sleeping in the Pack 'N Play.  So.... the fourth night, she got a warm almond milk bottle and slept in Nate's crib.  She slept for 14.5 hours!!!!  The next night... 14 hours... every night since has been 13 - 14 hours of sleep.

Yay for Almond Milk!
So, now she's a happy girl...
with her almond milk and a nice bed! 

But Nate feels quite put out that he has lost his nice crib and has been moved to a toddler bed.  He's definitely not ready for a toddler bed.  So, today we will receive a "hand-me-down" crib for Isabel and put Nate back in his own crib.  It's the little things in life!


  1. YEAH! We found out with Cav that a lot of Asian's can't handle milk so we went to rice milk and it did help! I swear those two are the cutest ever!

  2. Love the pictures!!!! We are using "rice dream" with Dane right now but he doesn't prefer it. Almond milk will be next. Miss you guys!!!

  3. So happy you were able to figure it out!