Monday, April 15, 2013

Complications and Set-Backs

Well, last Friday Jim had to take Izzy to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon close to home to have her casts split.  I called the surgeons down at Children's Hospital because her fingers and the part of her hands that were exposed from the casts were very swollen and looked bruised.  He said that the casts were too tight.  Since Children's Hospital is quite a distance from us, we were glad to find a local doctor to take care of it.  However, the comments he made about her fingers and our own observations made us further concerned.  She hasn't been moving her fingers much, just a slight wiggle and a few of her fingers just curl in and she doesn't move those at all.  If we try to straighten them out, there is considerable resistance and she pulls away in pain.

So, I called one of the surgeons this morning and explained our concerns.  He said that of course he cannot say for sure what it is but it could be constrictionalization syndrome (I think I got that right). That's where part of a muscle dies from blood flow being restricted and it affects whatever part of the body that depends on that muscle.  It's permanent and worst-case.  Most likely it is that the muscle has been stretched beyond it's ability and it needs to be worked out in therapy.  The doctor told me to pack an overnight bag when we go to see him tomorrow morning, just in case a stay at the hospital is required.  Will you please join me in praying that it is not the worst-case scenario?  I really appreciate it.

Izzy is so incredibly frustrated by her inability to use her fingers.  She had such dexterity and nimbleness before the surgery.  It's upsetting to me and Jim to see her struggle and be so angry by her limitations.

In addition, her little soul has been deeply wounded.  I haven't shared before but she was so angry in the hospital.  She wouldn't even look at me.  If I tried to talk to her, she would cry. If I picked her up to comfort her, she would say "down."  She didn't smile for days and cries about EVERYTHING.  Now, this girl has 2 broken arms and is in full, double casts.  I get that.  I know that.  I live with that.  But I also know what she was like before and this little girl is not the same.  The smily, happy, loving little girl is not there like she was before.

Everyone keeps saying that kids are resilient and she'll get over this.  I sure hope so.  But we have another surgery in about 5 months with double casts... again and that concerns me.  I ask for prayers for my little girl's soul.  Her wounds obviously go deeper than the the extensive incisions and broken bones.  Thank you!

Happy Girl (Pre-Surgery)

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