Friday, January 3, 2014


Don't really like them.  Never do them.  

What we started about 3 years ago was having the kids choose a charity to support and decide both how much they would contribute for the year and how they planned on raising the money.

In the past, they have chosen to support Threshold Ministries, Loaves and Fishes and Gospel for Asia.  They have used their birthday money.  Our children have fed the neighbors' animals and brought in their mail and newspapers while they were out of town.  Will has also gone around the neighborhood asking for odd jobs for the neighbors to donate whatever they want knowing that the money would go to support his charity.  We have such nice neighbors! : )

This year, we have done something different.  On Sunday before New Year's Day I asked the children 2 questions:

1. How can you have a closer relationship with God this year?

2. Which 'fruit of the Spirit' do you need to improve upon, with God's help? Give tangible, real-life examples of how you will do this.

I gave them until New Year's Day to think and pray about it.  Jim and I did it too.  On Wednesday, we discussed it as a family.  The 3 older children are the only ones who did the assignment.  The others listened in.  

I loved hearing what they had to share.

Pray more and read God's Word consistently.

Gentleness, kindness, self-control, love.

We will check in with each other as a family once a week and encourage each other throughout the week to stay committed.  

As a family, we feel that God is calling us to do more and that He is preparing us for something greater than we can imagine.  We are not sure what that is yet or when it will come.  Question 1 will help us stay nearer to Him to hear that call and Question 2 will better prepare us for that calling when it comes.  

For us, it's much better then making resolutions! : )

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