Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Shower, Construction and a Birthday Party

What a week it has been!  First, the dear ladies at my homeschool group gave me a lovely baby shower at the park.  Good food and fellowship.  What a blessing they all are to me.

 The conversion of the former playroom to Will's room was also completed this week.  Thank goodness!  It's hard to keep a house clean and the young one (aka Daniel) away from the tools.  Here's a progression of the project.
We are very happy to have this extra bedroom; especially Will.  He's already moved in.  It comfortably holds his bed, chest-of-drawers, desk and chair.  He spent his first night in his new room on Friday.  Then... on Saturday we had a pool party to celebrate Kate's 6th birthday.  It was unseasonably warm that day; about 90 degrees, so it was perfect for the pool.  She had a few friends over and I believe all had a good time.  The theme was Barbie and my mother made a beautiful, delicious Barbie cake. 
She received many Barbies for her birthday, which is perfect.  She has played with all of them already and enjoys and appreciates each one. 

She also received many art supplies which is perfect because art in any form is part of her daily activities.  Finally, her friend Autumn gave her a special doll which Kate made a bed for last night.  So cute!

By the time our guests left for the day, we were beat.  It's been a long week, but a good week.  So many blessings this week as time spent with friends and family.  I also feel pleased with all the projects that were completed this week.  Still more work on the new playroom (aka garage), but it is so close to being done.  There are a few more things to do to get ready for the baby, but having these big ones done is such a relief.  Just 5 1/2 weeks till my due date.   I have an OB appt this week and my last (hopefully) ultrasound next week.

More importantly, this week is Holy Week as we remember Jesus's celebratory entrance into Jerusalem, his persecution, death and resurrection.  Such an important week for me and my family to remember his sacrifice and reflect on the core of his ministry.  How are we continuing the loving ministry that Jesus commanded here on earth to care for the afflicted, hungry, orphaned and lost?  What Jesus sacrificed for us was truly a gift to us that can never be repaid by our works, yet it is with joy and reverence that we do those works.  For God so loved us, so should we lovingly care for others.  This Easter season means so much more to me this year as I strive to walk closer with my Lord.  No matter the circumstances, the Lord is working in my life and knowing that brings me comfort in all situations.  May you have that comfort this Easter season and throughout the year.

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  1. Autumn had a blast at the party! And you know I had a blast at the shower! See you Tuesday!