Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Take on Fundraising

We are in the early stages of fundraising and... well... all I can say is that I'm happy God prepared my heart ahead of time.  Fundraising is humbling.  Fundraising is embarrassing.  Fundraising is emotional.  People who you thought would be supportive are not.  Disappointing.  And I'm not talking about money necessarily.  They are not supportive to even spread the word, come up with fundraising ideas, help with the process.  It's hard to not take it personally.  God was preparing me by reminding me that it's not about me or our family.  Remember... our emotions don't matter... how we feel about it doesn't matter.  A child (or children) will be coming into our home and becoming part of our family.  They are what matters!  I'll be embarrassed a thousand times over if it means our children can be with us!!

I was asked a while back if it's right for a family to start the adoption process knowing they don't have the funds.  In my heart I knew the answer was yes, but had to think about it a few days as to exactly why.  First, if everyone who adopted actually had the money starting out then there would be far fewer children in loving homes right now.  Definitely not ideal!  Second, for those who are not called specifically to adoption, then financially helping a family to adopt is a way to help the orphaned.  If we have all the money already then those individuals are not provided the opportunity to give and be blessed.  Finally, and most importantly, if a family doesn't step out in faith to adopt, they will miss out on seeing firsthand the miracles that God will perform in bringing about the necessary funds.  I have heard story after story of how God (through people who obeyed God's call) blessed families with all the adoption funds needed.  In all the ways we obey and serve God we get to be part of His miracles.  We are his hands and feet.  That's why I tell my children all the time that God's prompting in all our hearts should not be ignored.

So, where am I today.  I'm ok.  I just know it will work out.  We may have the money way in advance or it may come at the 11th hour.  Either way, God's heart is for the orphaned.  God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.  He will provide and I rest in that assurance!

And for those who are interested, I have set up a Fundraising Blog.  Feel free to send the link to all who you think would be interested in helping our efforts.  Thank you!!

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