Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Wrap Up

As September comes to a close I am reflecting back at all we did this month that I have not yet documented with pictures.  They're all from my phone, so not very good...

Earlier in the month we went to a local mega church for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.  It was really good.  Started with the old manuscripts, through the history of the different versions of the Bible and its importance in value throughout the generations.
Book of Isaiah

We also went with our homeschool group to the local apple tree farm to get a "life on the farm" presentation.  The kids were able to hold baby chicks and bunnies, pick apples and see and feed the other farm animals.  It's a cute little farm that was perfect for our group!

Dan loves tractors!

Anna loves bunnies, but is allergic to them.  She knew it, but REALLY wanted to hold the bunny.  She broke out in a rash after this picture. : (

He was so gentle with that baby chick!
Earlier this week, I took Anna and Kate and their friend, Emma, to the American Girl Doll store.  Anna wanted to get her doll's ears pierced for her birthday.  We then had a nice lunch at The Cheesecake F*ctory.  It was a fun, girly day!
The girls with their dolls!

Anna and Kit (with newly pierced ears!)

Oreo Cheesecake!  It was gooood!
Today is my sweet Anna's birthday.  Tomorrow we will celebrate with family and friends.  I hope to take lots of pictures and post next week.

On the adoption front, we will hear no news this week since all government offices are closed in Ch*na for the National Holiday.  We should be officially waiting for Travel Approval (TA) the week of October 8th.  I've seen TA's coming pretty quickly lately.  If that continues for us, we should travel early November.  It's still all so surreal for me.  I'm buying clothes for Isabel, bought her a car seat and even got her a Christmas present.  But... it's just not real, yet.  Any adoptive parents know what I mean?  I have a daughter half-way around the world... that boggles the mind.  I have a daughter and she doesn't even know it and she's surely not going to be all that thrilled about it in the beginning.  I would appreciate prayers for our daughter's heart; that in some way she will know in her heart that we are her family; that this will not be too traumatic for her and that she will have some peace.  We love our little girl and cannot wait for her to finally be home!

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