Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Randomness

Last week and this week has just flown by!  I can't exactly say why.  So many random events, decisions, emotions and progress in our adoption:
  • After struggling with the decision as to how to make Classical Conversations work for our homeschool given the impending life change, we decided that we just couldn't do it at this time.  We went round and round and in the end we had to admit that it would be just too much for our family.  I am saddened because both Jim and I really like the program, but I am also at peace knowing it's the right decision.  Maybe next year...
  • I sent a 2nd care package to Isabel and forgot to take a picture of it! : (  I sent gifts for her foster mom and dad and candies for the family.  I sent Isabel a soft-sided photo book with pictures of each of us.  Hopefully, that will be something she'll look at often and maybe there will be some recognition when she sees us in a few weeks.
  • Our paperwork was dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou on Wednesday.  Normally, it would be ready to be picked up 2 weeks later.  Unfortunately, that's the week of the Ch*nese National Holiday and all government offices are closed the week of October 1st.  So, then I was thinking it would be picked up Monday, October 8th, but the consulate is closed for Columbus Day!!  Are you kidding me?!?  Well, what can you do but wait... and wait... and wait...
  • I've started running again.  It's been a gradual progress since Nate turned 1 this past spring.  It's primarily on the treadmill since... well... I have 5 children and I homeschool!  Getting out of the house to go for a run just isn't happening right now.  So, the treadmill and I have been good friends lately and it's a good thing because...
  • I am a wound-up, tied-up-in-a-knot, stressed-out ball of emotions right now and if I don't go on the treadmill frequently and run it off, I'm gonna blow!
  • I'm loving buying little girl clothes again.  However, it's frustrating not knowing what will really fit her.  I have her measurements and weight but won't know for sure until I have that sweet little girl in my arms.  I've been trying a few things on Nate to get an idea, which has been quite humorous!  But he's got 10 pounds on her... and he's only 6 wks older than her.  Yes, he's a tank!  So, not a great comparison.
  • Jim and I have been setting more time lately to get away for lunch or dinner knowing that after November it's going to get very busy around here.  Also, we should not leave Isabel with babysitters for a while, so we're making a point of strengthening our marriage through time alone now.
  • November still seems so far away, but I know it'll be here soon.
Just some randomness on a Friday evening!  : )

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