Friday, November 30, 2012

Going Home!

We are ready, emotionally that is, because I haven't packed yet! I just don't have the desire to pack up this mess of a room! I'm debating whether to do it tonight or tomorrow morning. We fly out of Guangzhou at 1:15pm (Saturday) with a short layover in Seoul, and arrive into LAX at 1:30pm (Saturday). Crazy! If anyone wants to make the trek to LAX, we'd love to see you there! We are flying on Korean Airlines. ;-)

Today we ventured out in pouring rain to Shamian Island. We planned to go yesterday, but because of a poorly timed nap, we weren't able to go. It would have been so much better yesterday, since there was no rain. I have never been to the Island (which is not really an island, I understand) but have heard a lot about it. All I have to say is beautiful! I wish we could have stayed there. SO much nicer then being in the city. We took some pictures that I still need to upload. Despite the rain, we had a nice time. We ate at Lucy's and shopped at the few shops left that are hurting for business. I hope adoptive families are able to return to The White Swan Hotel when it is finished, but I'm told that the hotel plans to cater to business people, not adoptive families. We'll see...

There is so much that I'd still like to share about our time here and adopting Isabel, but it is late and I obviously have packing to do! :) I plan to share more over the next few weeks. Isabel is a true treasure. Out of loss we have been given a gift. All of our children are gifts. They are the greatest gifts of all!

A big thank you to all who prayed for us, supported us with words of encouragement and provided the finances to make this possible. To all of you, we are truly grateful! You hold a special place in our hearts! Thank you!

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