Monday, November 19, 2012

Isabel Day!

There are no words to describe what I am feeling at this moment.  Sweet Isabel is currently asleep in her crib in our hotel room. It has been a good day. She was one of the last children to arrive. We were at the office for 40 mins or so before she came. When I saw her, my eyes immediately welled up! I had waited so long for this day and to have her here... oh, it was just too much. But I knew that my tears would only make her frightened so I took a deep breath and took her in my arms. I stared at that sweet face and she cried! I immediately used my important Chinese phrase: hao le (it's okay). I have used it a lot and it works! Also: e le ma? (Are you hungry?) has been a useful one, and boy was she hungry.  She ate a ton of snacks at the civil affairs office and then congee and noodles and some meat when we got back to the hotel. She really hasn't cried too much.  The kids have been great about playing with her. She loves peek-a-boo and her stacking cups. As you'll see in the pics she came to us in MANY layers, which is typical. She had on SIX layers of clothing and that poor girl was sweating! When we got back to the hotel I got her down to her long sleeve shirt and then put on some pajama bottoms and socks. She played on the floor and bed and was chatting away. I left Jim and the kids with Isabel to go do some paperwork for tomorrow and when I came back she had already fallen asleep. Jim put her in her crib and she is sleeping soundly now.  Since I do not know long that will last, I wrap this up! : )

This first day has gone exceptionally well, so far.  She has bonded to both Jim and I as well as can be expected, but I'd say that she is a little more of a mama's girl! ; -) I look forward to learning more about our little girl and giving her that extra love and attention that she has not had for the last 16 months from her mama!

I am working on uploading a few pictures to Shutterfly; link above header photo, if you haven't already looked : )

Thank you for your prayers! They were were answered in abundance today. I witnessed families being united and children finding their forever families and those moments will be forever etched in my heart and mind.  All of these children were special needs children.  All of them have physical special needs; some obvious, some not... but as I have heard before and believe to be true, the only true need was a family of their own.  Today those children have found home! Thank you, Lord, for making right what was once broken by our world! All glory is yours!!

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  1. Have been following your tour and blog. So exciting and it sounds like everything is moving along. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that the rest of the red tape goes as well. She's adorable!