Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Yesterday was a very long day! We left the hotel at 9 am with another family, a guide and the driver.  It was about 3 hrs to Nanyang, which wasn't too bad.  Both Will and I took a Dramamine since we tend to get carsick. Another mom gave them to us. I was hesitant to take it since I know it can make you sleepy but I didn't know how bad of a drive it would be. Will and I sat towards the front of the car, which helped too. Nanyang is a smaller town, but still has its share of tall buildings and traffic. We stopped for lunch at a fast food restaurant called DMQ.  It's a cross between a KFC and McDonalds. I ordered a hamburger, took one bite and decided that it would be best for my health not to have any more. I am not a fast food eater at home anyway, but something just tasted off. I really would prefer to eat Chinese food since... well... I am in China, but we have been warned against eating anywhere but the hotels or fast food chains.  After lunch we met the orphanage official at the local police station to process Isabel' Chinese passport. It only took about 15 mins. We went to the finding spot of other family's son. Since it was in town, it was easy to go to. Unfortunately, Isabel's finding spot was an hour away in the opposite direction. By now it was 2pm, so we had to head back. We asked about going to the orphanage but it was 1 1/2 hrs away, again in the opposite direction.  Jim took a lot of random pictures of the town. We definitely stood out. The girls at DMQ asked our guide why we were holding Chinese babies. She told them that they were from the local orphanage and that we were adopting them. The girls commented that they thought it was so nice of us to do that. International adoption is not talked about here. Many, especially in the rural towns, have no idea.

As we headed back, Will started to feel sick. We pulled over and he got out for a few minutes to get some fresh air. He was sitting in the back with Anna and the daughter from the other family so they got hang out. We decided that it would best if he came up front to sit with me again. After a few minutes he told me at he felt like throwing up. I grabbed a plastic bag and it was not pretty. Poor boy! We were still about 1 1/2 hrs from the hotel... and it was now rush hour in the city. Talk about gridlock! It took 30 mins to go 3 blocks! It really would have been faster to walk and we considered it except that we really weren't sure where to go. Will was dying in the car! What we thought was carsickness quickly became apparent to us it was much more. In threw up on the stairs to the room, in the room and the bathroom. He was white as a sheet. We put him to bed right away. He is better this morning, just weak. Thank goodness we have nothing on the agenda. We have been going non-stop for a week now and we all need a rest. As it turns out, the father of the family that want with us to Nanyang was up all night with a stomach bug too!

Sorry for all the typos in my posts. I'm trying to write quickly and don't have time to fix them.

We have another down day tomorrow as we wait for Isabel's passport. We should that Friday and then fly to Guangzhou Saturday afternoon.

It's Thanksgiving Day here, but I don't know if we will be doing anything special. It is really expensive here! We made the mistake of having the buffet dinner at the hotel the first night. We didn't know how much it was until we got the bill. $150!! It was good, but not that good! Everything is expensive.. food, souvenirs, everything. Oh, well!

We are only halfway through our trip and are ready to be home. It's hard living out of a suitcase, in a country that is so different. We are making the best it though. We are enjoying Isabel so much. She's doing great. She is over the diarrhea but now has a runny nose! She is just so sweet. She is starting to chat more and come out of her shell. She is pensive, observant and quite. She has the saddest little cry, especially when I leave her sight. She prefers to be next to me at all times. She'll flash Jim a smile now and then, which he loves. He is smitten!

Ok, better sign off as my battery is low. I posted pics this morning from yesterday. Jim is back on his bike running errands and taking pictures around town. We'll see what he comes back with! :)

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