Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Official, She's Ours!!

Yesterday (Tuesday), we headed back to the civil affairs/registration office to complete the registration of the adoption. The official said some words and presented us with the official red-bound adoption certificate. It is a great feeling knowing that she is legally ours. She is now part of this crazy, fun, large family with 5 older siblings that love her to pieces!  She is a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin. Isabel has a beautiful family name, named by us as with all our children. She has her lovely Chinese name too.  She is a sweet little girl who has her rich Chinese heritage, but will have all the opportunities and advantages as an American citizen.

Yesterday morning started off wi another diaper explosion. We have been feeding her lots of rice, rice congee, bread and such to "stop her up!" Yesterday, our guide bought some medicine that is supposed to be quite effective and quick.  Basically, it's volcanic ash that binds it all up. ;-) I'm hoping it does work quickly because today we have the 3 1/2 - 4 hr van ride (each way) to Isabel's birth city to apply for her Chinese passport. One other family is going with us since their son is from the same city. Not looking forward to the long ride with a 16 month old, but I am looking forward to seeing where our daughter has lived. Just hoping the medicine kicks in.  Really don't want to do it with a poopy baby!

I could talk bout the pollution and congestion in this city... oh, boy, it's crazy! Pedestrians, bike, scooters and sometimes cars share the sidewalk and the pedestrian always loses. It is VERY dangerous. Jim and Will rented bikes from the hotel because they feel safer on a bike. I don't blame them! The short walk to the park is quite the adventure.  Jim summed it up right when he said that if you hesitate or don't look like you know where you want to go, you're done for!  And the pollution... yesterday was the first day that it was really bad. It was overcast with a partially exposed orange sun. My throat hurt terribly and it smelled like you were next to a forest fire. It hurt to breathe. I am unaware as to exactly how many days are like that, but I have heard that it is quite frequent.

Isabel slept great last night. We all were very tired, so went to bed at 8:15pm. Isabel and I were up at 5:45am.  Another good night for me!

I haven' t loaded the pictures from yesterday yet. I hope to do that before we leave is morning for our all-day trek.  Oh, last night we saw the lighting of the Christmas tree in the lobby and a choir stood on the marble steps singing Jingle Bells.  There was a Chinese Santa and the hotel manager said some words. It was nice and kinda funny at the same time!

Ok, Isabel just reached for me and said "Ma". Melt my heart! I don't know if she was really calling for me, but I going with it!!

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