Friday, November 23, 2012

On to Guangzhou

Today we leave for Guangzhou. It is currently 6am Saturday morning and we have to be in the lobby by 9:40am. Yesterday we received Isabel's Chinese passport, so we are able to leave. Thursday we received a stack of notarized documents that we will need for the Consulate, as well as paperwork from the orphanage: her immunization chart, our original Travel Approval, receipt for payment of the orphanage fee and the "finding ad" in the newspaper. For those who are unfamiliar with what that is, it is a section on the newspaper where all the babies who were recently found are listed. The orphanage must do this as an attempt to find the parents before listing the child for international adoption. There were over 20 babies listed with Isabel on this particular day. It was very sad to see, knowing the decision that these parents had to make and the pain associated with that decision. I just can't imagine. It made me cry.

I just put up 2 pictures to Shutterfly.. The first one is of everything Isabel had on when we got her. I don't know if you can see it all clearly: one long-sleeved shirt, 3 sweaters, bib overalls (that are split pants), a separate pair of the famous split pants, jacket and socks and shoes that were way too big. No wonder that sweet girl was sweating! I had read and was told by the adoption agency and the local guide that this may be how we receive our children. Not all of them were dressed in this many layers. I believe Isabel and the other little boy from Nanyang had on the most layers. Because the children are used to be bundled up so much, it is important to not take off too many layers and to continue to keep them dressed warmly. Many who are not catch colds. When we got back to the hotel, I took off a little at a time. I felt like I was unwrapping a present!  The best present ever!! : )

The second picture is of Jim with 2 Chinese police officers. If you have checked out Track My Tour, you have seen it already. If not, go there anyway to read Jim's description of the events. Pretty funny! Not a place to visit, apparently!

Well, I hear Isabel stirring in her crib.  Gotta go! I hope we will have good wireless in Guangzhou. If so, you'll hear from me tomorrow! ;-)

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