Monday, November 19, 2012

Isabel Day- Part 2

I finally was able to upload the last of the pictures this morning. Internet was SO slow last night. Much faster at 5am. ;-). The pictures don't seem to load in order. Oh, well!  After I posted yesterday evening, I woke up Isabel because it was getting close to 6 pm and I wanted to make sure she would fall asleep at night at a reasonable hour. Jim and the kids walked to Walmart. They had an adventure of their own! Isabel woke up so well. Just a couple of whimpers and then she was fine. We played and I gave her some snacks. Shortly after that Jim and the kids came back. We were getting pretty hungry so sent Jim and Will to get dinner. Isabel was sitting on the bed playing. When Anna went to sit next to her she cried out, " Oh, mom!" It turns out that Isabel had diarrhea up out her diaper and was sitting in a pool of poop and Anna sat in it!! Ugh!! I took her into the bathroom to clean her up and give her a bath, but the switch to change the water from the spigot to the shower head wasn't working properly so some water still came from the shower head! I was trying to block it with my head and back.  Isabel is crying. I'm soaking and have poop on the front of my pajamas! Oh, boy! Thank goodness for Anna. She had a towel ready and I was able to calm Isabel down quite quickly to get her pajamas on. I sat Isabel on the other bed with her toys and Anna and preceded to clean and dry myself off and clean all the poopy clothes. But, I still had to call housekeeping about the bed. I tried to call our agency guide who is staying in the hotel with us, figuring she would have a better job explaining poop all over the sheets then I. She is Chinese. But she didn't answer, so I took my chances and called the front desk. I got passed to a second person who at least knew that I needed sheets, but I don't think he knew why. :) Housekeeping came quickly. It was the nice lady who helped us with the crib and thinks Isabel is so cute. So, she was good-natured about it all. It's not the first time for her, I'm sure! Just after everything was all cleaned up, the boys came back! They were happy to have missed it all, of course! Isabel went to bed just after 9pm. She whimpered a little, but calmed down after I talked to her and fell asleep until 4:30 this morning. I got up to go to the bathroom and she started to cry. Her cry is so sad. I picked her up and cuddled her. I put her down after a few minutes. She didn't fall back asleep but chatted for about 20 mins and then decided it was time to get up... so, we have been up since about 5am. That's ok. I had my best night's sleep yet! Almost 7 hrs!!

Today the adoption is finalized. We will go to the registration and notary offices this morning and then she will be officially ours! Of course, she has been ours in our hearts for months already.  It will be a great feeling to have it finalized and official!

Isabel is doing great. She cannot walk or stand on her own. She most likely needs to just build her core strength. She sits just fine on her own. Because of the missing bones in her arms, her arms are shorter then usual, with one arm more than the other. She works so hard to hold objects in her hands. Physical therapy is going to help her a lot, I'm sure. We will be pursuing whatever medical care she may need back in the states with a lot of doses of love!

We are off to get dressed and enjoy the wonderful breakfast buffet downstairs before boarding the bus this morning! Busy morning ut we have the afternoon off!

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  1. So happy for you all! Isabel is beautiful!! Just what you need, poop and laundry to do....hopefully that won't happen again! So happy to be following your journey!