Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shopping and The Consulate

Yesterday, I headed out at 10:30am with another mom and a guide. She took us to many different stores based on what we wanted to buy. Don't ask me where in the city we went to. Crazy taxi drive there. Walked around. Another taxi drive and then the subway back to the hotel. We were gone over 3 hours and shopped... a lot. Jim asked me to take pictures, but honestly, there was no time to even snap pictures. I've uploaded one of the shelves of bags of pearls at the Pearl Market and me with my loot at the end of the day. It was good and I got a lot of nice things.

Last night we had another group dinner. It was at a different restaurant and not quite as good as the first one. Also, only half of our group seemed to be there. I think all of us are ready to go home. There is just too much down time here. This city is big... over 17 million people and not one you could walk around and meet the locals, like we did in Zhengzhou. Our hotel is like a Vegas hotel. Self-contained, busy and very westernized. I suppose some people would like that because the amenties are there when one needs them. It's just that sometimes I forget I'm in China. Ok, not really, but you get the idea. ;-)

This morning was our Consulate Appointment. We had an early 8:30am appt with 3 other families. The rest of our group went at 10:00am. It was in a very big building. We were not allowed to bring cell phones or cameras into the consulate, but was able to snap a picture next to the sign in the lobby. We went to a special section for adoptive families, took an oath that all our paperwork was accurate and then took a seat until our name was called. We had a very nice official. She asked us a few questions, said everything looks fine and that Isabel's visa would be ready tomorrow afternoon. Back on the bus at 9:30am and we are all done for the day. It's just after 12pm here. Isabel is down for a nap and then we are going to venture out to Shamian Island for the afternoon.

There's a beautiful park across the street from the hotel. You can't just cross the street because it's about a quarter of a mile wide! You have to go down the subway entrance, walk under the street and then come up the other side. The park is huge with a big lake in the middle. Very green and beautiful. I've been there a couple times now with the kids. It's a nice place to let them run around, even in the rain.

Isabel is doing great! Really, we are blessed! God truly prepared this little girl's heart. She wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. The only time we've seen her get truly upset is when we are getting ready to leave the room. When we get our jackets and shoes on and pack up the backpack, she starts crying hard. I don't know what she is thinking; that we are leaving her, maybe. Jim thinks that it is some sort of abandonment issue. I'm sure she will get better and feel more secure in time.

Jim went to get us lunch. Starbucks. I could really go for some good Chinese food right now. ;-)

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