Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Guangzhou

It is almost 7 am on Sunday morning. Everyone is still asleep! Another long day of traveling and getting settled in. Isabel did great on the airplane! No issues at all! I'm hoping that is a precursor to the long flight home next Saturday. We were quite a sight on the plane with 12 families (many of us with other children and grandparents) and our new children. They put us on the back of the plane. ;-) We were towards the front of the group, closer to where the Chinese people were seated. One woman across the aisle and one row up kept staring back at us. She did that for almost 2 hrs before she finally said something to me and pointed at Isabel.  Since I didn't know what she was saying, I said "gu er" (orphan). She shook her head. I tried to show her my name tag that states that I have adopted her. She shook her head. She grabbed Isabel's shirt sleeve. Does she like her shirt? Does she want to know where I got it from? I said "America". She shook her head again and looked away. But she was determined. As we were ending our flight, shed said something and grabbed the bottom of Isabel's shirt and started to fold it vertically, like a fan. She didn't like Isabel's swing top she had on since it was letting air on her skin and kept riding up when I held her. I nodded my head like I understood her, tucked in Isabel's shirt and the lady smiled and was now very happy! :)

Guangzhou is very tropical. Humid, overcast, but warm. It is supposed to be about 70 degrees today, but we won't see the sun. We are taking a tour this morning of the Six Banyan's Temple, Provincial Folk Art Museum and going to the arts and crafts shopping center. Should have pictures posted later today.

We are staying at The China Hotel and it is HUGE. Unfortunately, all our families are on different floors and different sections of the hotel. It's a self-contained hotel with a bank and Starbucks downstairs, shopping, bakery, numerous restaurants to choose from. Very crowded and noisy. Kinda missing the quaint hotel in Zhengzhou! : )

We're all up now and heading to breakfast soon to start our day. We are here for a full week with only the medical appt tomorrow and Consulate Appointment on Thursday. So we have lots of time to see the sights and take some good pictures!

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  1. So fun meeting your princess this morning - what a jewel!